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Grotto Canyon Trail - 51° 03' 42" N 115° 12' 34"

Uber-cute Ali and Megan Feeling so virtuous that we have kept all four cats and the dog alive for nearly two weeks, we have taken on a couple more critters - these two uber-cute poppets!  We are hopeful all seven will still be with us on Sunday when their mamas and papas return!  We have had some grand adventures - playing by the river with Bear (the dog), cycling down for the best gelato in Calgary, exploring cool apps on the iPad and hiking Grotto Canyon.  The girls have been fabulous fun and wonderfully behaved.  Mum and Dad have been enjoying the luxury of The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel but working hard at a 5-day conference.  Glad we could help out! Gelato for dessert! Hanging out by the river with Bear (the dog) Hiking Grotto Canyon The canyon walls are smooth and tall. We could reach from side-to-side: Almost! Free climbing Cool app on the iPad Same cool app...

Quartz Ridge - 51° 00' 56" N 115° 45' 87" E

A glorious day for a hike!  So off we set with Gord and Jenny to Sunshine Village.  We gained some easy vertical metres by catching the gondola!  Sunshine is running the gondola Friday - Sunday until the September long weekend.  More convenient and less dusty than the bus and makes the high alpine meadows accessible to all.  The Standish Chair is also running so we caught that just for fun.  It was a very weird experience without our skies - and we all automatically 'lifted our tips' before getting off! We headed out along the Citidel Pass trail to Quartz Ridge where we lunched and turned for home. Pikas everywhere, a couple of eagles and a fox... Lunch on Quartz Ridge Yoga on a mountain top - no need for a helicopter Rachael! Stunning Rock Isle Lake Overlooking Howard Douglas Lake to Mt Assiniboine Lunch, looking down Howard Douglas Creek Up the chairlift.  We're not purists! Wildflowers still in bloom...

Cochrane - 51° 09' 38" N 114° 28' 39"

Dead offering - thanks kitty! In exchange for a house, we have been left in charge of a dog and four cats, one of whom is diabetic!  Our job is to ensure all the critters survive the next two weeks... Critter count this evening - five alive and one dead offering! Morning Roll Call.

Back on Broadview - 51° 03' 01" N 114° 05' 45" W

At 1618 Thanks to Suzanne and Hugh, we are having a wonderful time back on Broadview Road.  We are house-sitting, so we have a low-pressure "job" and a place to set down our backpacks.  Since the departure of Mum and Liz, the sun has come out and parking on the porch has become de rigueur.  And being Broadview Road, it does not take long for the neighbours to pop in - and stay! Neighbours popping by to visit! At 1623 Even back at 1621 Having some time back in Calgary without guests or firm plans means we can tackle some of those niggly little jobs that everyone has to do - like taxes!  Like moving tenants out and in.  Like going to the dentist, and optometrist, and doctor.  Like swapping the four different outfits we have been wearing for the past two months for a different four outfits from our packed boxes.  Like tidying up the 'blog, adding pictures, et cetera. It feels good to catch up with friends and family.  We are finding things change when we