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Community Cruisers - 51° 06' 00" N 115° 21' 54" W

There is a fabulous organisation in town called Community Cruisers .  Their mission is to promote cycling for transportation as a means to improve health, sustainability and equity in the Bow Valley.  This involves a community bike workshop, affordable bike sales, bike parking at events and programs such as Bike All Winter and Pedal4Joy. I was part of the Bike All Winter program last year.  Community Cruisers fitted my bike out with studded tyres, lights and fenders and provided a mentor to encourage me to ride through the winter.  And ride I did - even on the chilly days! Rugged up for a photoshoot in -20°C! Weekly rides with Marley and our mentor Kelly So I decided to volunteer this summer to give back to this wonderful organisation.  After a chat with the Chair, I found myself elected to the Board as the Volunteer Coordinator!  One of the main areas we have required volunteers has been at the weekly market where we provide monitored bike parking.   A safe place to leave your bike wh