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Bermagui - 36° 25' 35" S 150° 04' 17" E

Last week, Gabby received a call from her friends Allan and Vicki.  They were having their new catamaran delivered from Perth, Allan had fallen ill and they needed crew.  Would Kate and Sean be able to help out by crewing from Portland to Bermagui? It didn't take much pondering and we found ourselves on two trains and then a bus bound for Portland. Portland is in the SW of Victoria and Bermagui on the south coast of NSW. Therefore our route was to include a transit of Bass Strait. Bass Strait is the passage of water that divides Tasmania from mainland Australia. It has the reputation as one of the world's most treacherous waterbodies due to shallow water, currents and weather systems. Indeed, the coastline from Port Fairy to Cape Otway is known as The Shipwreck Coast.  "I have seldom seen a more fearful section of coastline."   - Captain Matthew Flinders What were we thinking?! Our route Fortunately due to improved navigation and weather forecasting, a transit of Bass

Portland (AUS) - 38° 20' 46" S 141° 36' 39" E

Having accomplished the task we came to Australia for (Graham's memorial service), we wanted to get back to some 'normal' routines.  As autumn is surely on its way, preparations like cutting and stacking firewood for the winter are things that need to be done.  As all the Findlay girls and their husbands were available, we jumped into this task with both feet. Susan and Graeme turning logs into bite-sized pieces Log-splitting fun! The two properties have no shortage of firewood, having at least 50 acres each that rolls down to Main Creek.  Graeme and Wendy headed down to cut up the bigger deadfall at the creek and put it on the trailer.  It was then brought up to the shed, where we had a hydraulic log splitter waiting.  If you've never had the opportunity to play with one of these marvellous toys, I enthusiastically endorse the satisfying and effective work that can be done with it.  We all finished the work with our fingers and toes attached and working (except for Gra

Flinders Icebergers - 38° 28' 31" S 145° 01' 30"

There is a group of intrepid folk in Flinders who get together each morning for a swim from the pier to the yacht club and back. Sean and I joined in the fun, meeting at 7:30am.  Although we did not swim every morning as do some hardy souls.  With the tide out, the swim to the yacht club was very shallow.  On these days, we swam out to the boats, around the pier and back to the beach. When the weather is calm, the water is very clear and swimming is like flying.  The seabed is rippled sand, seagrass and kelp. Over the sand, we kept a watch for the odd crab or a sting ray.  The seagrass is home to Victoria's marine emblem, the Weedy Sea Dragon.  Shy and well disguised, they are hard to spot but we kept a sharp eye our nonetheless!  A great way to start the morning!