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McLaren Vale - 35° 14' 52" S 138° 32' 33" E

Different parts of our world are woven together in strange ways. Oppy, Kate and Sean - Women's Tour Down Under A few years ago, during our marshalling gig with the Tour of Alberta we met Kimberly, the Chief Marshal, who also is the Technical Director for the  Women's Tour Down Under (WTDU)  in Australia.  We asked Kimberly if she needed marshals for the WTDU to which she responded, "Yes, if you are around, I would love to have you help out."  This year, we were around, so off to Adelaide we went. From our Raja Muda sailing experience, we had met Matt and Kate, who live in Adelaide.  They had invited us to visit them if we were ever in the neighbourhood, so we bunked with them while taking part in officiating. Locals make the best tour guides Highly underrated, the WTDU is a chance to watch and actually talk with the competitors.  Post-race, the teams are available and willing to hobnob with spectators, officials and fans.  The courses are challenging a

Newport - 37° 50' 46" S 144° 52' 37" E

Home ... for a little while We currently have a residence in Australia - the home Kate left just before she came to Canada in 2007 for a "six month assignment."  The property has been rented for almost a decade and we have decided, for a number of reasons, to sell it.  The house needs some attention and TLC, so we have started to fix/paint/repair/replace all the little things that need to be done. Traveling to the house every day from either of Kate's family homes in Flinders (a 2 hour drive at the best of times) wasn't really a viable option, so we decided to borrow an air mattress from a friend and camp there while we did the work.  3.5 tonnes ... that should hold everything! During the preparation period (the tenants had been given notice and quickly found another place to rent a few blocks away, and it was available immediately), we were sharing our plans with everyone and heard that some friends were staging their house for sale and had stored mos