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Nuuk - 64°11'31" N 51°43'26" W

Nuuk is not a common tourist destination … yet. After a long, long passage, we motored into the harbour with intentions to find something solid to tie on to. We called the harbourmaster on Channel 16 and asked for docking instructions. We were told that there was nowhere that we could tie up, and anyway there were very few berths (in general) for boats of our size. We could anchor in the harbour, but that really wasn’t advisable. So, we quickly consulted the cruising guide for the area and read about an alternate anchorage on the north side of the town. It was twenty minutes away. Off we went. The little cove was perfect, so we dropped anchor, secured the boat and then fell into our bunks. After a day of rest and tidying up the boat, we went into town to check into Greenland (immigration) and then to be tourists. We dinghy-ed into a small, rocky beach and hauled the dinghy up past the high water mark. We ditched our rubber boots for hiking boots and then picked our w

Living the dream: this is not one of those days! - 60° 21' 41" N 52° 17' 48" W

Storms tend to whip up the seas and it takes some time for the waves to settle down after the storm.  So, while we managed to dodge the storm, we were left with an absolutely horrid sea state.  The waves were big and steep and coming from every direction.  We think they were ricocheting backwards and forwards between Greenland and Canada, thumping in from the Atlantic and every butterfly that flapped its wings in the Amazon created a wave from yet another direction.  Things just got worse as the wind dropped and the boat slowed.  This is NOT detailed in the ' Buy a Boat and Sail the World ' brochure.   Okay, not the storm we ducked but one coming through later this week.  Guess we are staying in Nuuk for a while! Without a gimbal , any video we take does not show what we are dealing with.  Wearing socks will send you sliding across the boat.  It is an art to lift the toilet seat and get seated before the lid slams back down.  Loose items knock backwards and forward.  The pen

Life at sea – 56° 24’ 35” N, 51° 31’ 46” W

We are Day 5 at sea and just over halfway between St John's, Canada and Nuuk, Greenland crossing the Labrador Sea.  Depending on the wind, we have another four or so days before we arrive in Nuuk. So, what does life at sea look like? Our day starts at about 06:45 when we leap from our warm and cosy bed to take over watch.   Marisa and Adriano then disappear to snatch a few hours sleep and leave us in charge!  Our job is to keep the boat sailing, adjust sails as needed, stay on course and not hit anything!  We also keep an eye on battery levels, monitor the radio and radar. This morning, we woke to overcast skies and rain.  The wind is steady between 16-20kn (32-40km/hr) and from 150° in relation to the boat.  This puts us on a broad reach which is a really comfortable point of sail.  The seas are relatively flat and we are zipping along at 6-8kn (12-16km/hr - yes,  you can almost run as fast was we travel!).  These are the conditions in which a Garcia excels.  I am on watch, writin