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Glenwood Manor - 51°03'17" N 114°04'56" W

Doesn't it look grand? There is a surprising amount of history here ... just within the Collins Family. For the years that I worked downtown, Sunnyside was the neighbourhood across the river that our original Adobe/EyeWire office looked out on.  I had grown to admire a particular old building I could see that faced right onto the Bow River.  It looked so stately with its brick solidness, stained glass, wrought-iron gated gardens and shiny metal roof.  When walking through the neighbourhood to friends' places in the dark of the evening, I would make a point of trodding the sidewalk past the building and see the lovely built-in cabinets and ornate light fittings shining warmly through wavy, old-fashioned multi-paned windows. When, in 2009, I noticed that a suite had come up for sale in the building, I quickly arranged to do a walk-through with a realtor.  The place I looked at, Suite 2, had been kept in "close to original" condition.  It reminded me of other "chara