Anthony Quinn's Bay - 39° 26' 00" N 28° 04' 33" E

Life on Rhodes is idyllic. Each day we leap aboard our trusty scooter and explore yet another beach. We swim, laze on the sun, 'snorkel' in our swim goggles looking at all the fish hiding in the rocks. The water is warm, ten shades of turquoise and aqua and clear as clear as clear.

We have explored Rhodes old town and the gorgeous Lindos. We missed a 'do not enter' sign and the heroics on the scooter rivalled that of Daniel Craig in the latest James Bond, zipping along the labyrinth of narrow paved laneways dodging people, under shop awnings and around blind corners.  I did draw the line at bouncing down stairs, much to Sean's dismay!

The food is fabulous and we have discovered some rather tasty Rhodes sparkling wine that is going down a treat. The local beers slide down very nicely, particularly after a day on the beach.

 Things are a little more expensive here and we can see evidence of the issues facing Greece by the boarded up buildings and half constructed hotels. Whether Greece defaults on its loan repayment or not this week will have little impact on us but will be interesting to see how the EU and IMF manage it all.


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