Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where in the world are we going next? - 33° 51' 19" S 151° 14' 11" E

As our time in Australia draws to a close, we thought we would post our plans for the rest of the year. If we happen to be in your neighbourhood, let's catch up!!
  • March - we arrive back in Calgary on 14 March and will spend the rest of the month there.
  • April - 2 April we head to Montreal and are doing a month long French immersion course.
  • May - first week we will be in Ottawa then Calgary from 10th before heading to Europe 22nd. France to attend my goddaughter's first communion and perhaps Amsterdam
  • June - cycling through Switzerland and Italy then back to France and Calgary
  • July - BC for first two weeks then Calgary for FolkFest
  • Aug/Sep/Oct- generally in Calgary at this stage with a week around southern Alberta as travelling marshals with The Tour of Alberta
  • Nov/Dec - Thailand and Malaysia cruising and racing aboard SY Popeye.

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