Phuket Yacht Haven - 08° 10' 09" N 98° 20' 20" E

After two and a half weeks in Krabi Boat Lagoon, despite a few frustrations and delays, Popeye is finally back in the water, free from leaks and still afloat!  Phew!

Heading out of KBL for the last time was a little odd.  It has been Popeye's home base for the last three years and ours since this adventure began five months ago. Now, Popeye is leaving with no plans to ever return.

"Riding the load" - Popeye heads across
the boatyard and back to the sea

Popeye leaves Krabi Boat Lagoon for the last time

The journey back to Australia has not yet begun, though.  We have come across to Phuket Yacht Haven to have the last few jobs done - having the canvas on the bimini created and installed and having the fridge and freezer serviced.  It seems there is always a few last details to take care of.  The home of our   Snuggled up amongst the super yachts and wooden sailing boats, there is much suffering to be endured.

'The Deck' - Phuket Yacht Haven


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