Singapore - 01° 15' 52" N 103° 48' 50" E

Sailing into Singapore, the busiest port on the earth, is quite the experience.  Thanks to Mark Board, we had a route - motor through the anchorages,  watch for ships into and out of Tanjong Pelepas,
then proceed across Sinki fairway and behind Pualu Bukom straight to Sisters island.

Crossing the border (so our cell phones told us)

We followed his instructions, motored through the anchorages and around the scores of ships there.  We knew we were in Singapore when our cell phones beep that familiar message "Welcome to Singapore.  Enjoy data roaming for a mere...."

Dodging ships
There be tankers...

Craig was following our movements, nervously hoping we didn't collide with any of the green or red dots he could see on the Marine Traffic app.

Big Brother is watching!

The Immigration boat met us at The Western Immigration Anchorage, used a net to collect our paperwork and passports, checked, stamped and we were cleared into Singapore.  We then motored into the Marina at Keppel Bay and into our berth that will be home for the next two weeks.

Yay, we made it!

That was cool!


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