The Whitsundays - 20° 20' 48" S 148° 57'33" E

Dear Gordon,

Wow! 1,753.9 nautical miles from Darwin to Hamilton Island. (That's nearly three Sydney to Hobarts!!)

Despite the deceptively glorious crossing of Van Diemens Gulf, the problem-filled passage to The Wessel Islands, the seemingly endless bash across the Gulf of Carpentaria, the soul-destroying rounding of Cape Melville with 37kn of wind against us and one knot of forward boat speed, the final but surprisingly wild bash down to Hamo and having to deal with the Findlay Girls en mass, you maintained your good humour.

We appreciated your competence at the helm, your problem solving skills, your wrangling of the main halyard and your wicked sense of humour.

We are deeply thankful for your help. We could not have done it without you.

Next time, we promise a pleasure cruise.

Exiting the Darwin marina through a lock - very cool
Leaving Darwin - how hard could this be?
Beautiful conditions crossing Van Diemens Gulf
Even time for a nap in the sunshine...
Refueling in The Wessel Islands
A bit of maintenance up the mast!

Crossing The Gulf of Carpentaria,
conditions were a little rougher
Navigating through the tricky
approaches to Thursday island
Happy at anchor at Horn Island, Torres Strait
Leaving Thursday Island..
Exhausted - sleeping where we fell
Well deserved break in Cairns
But still work to be done: repairing the broken car on the main
And refuelling...
Welcoming committee with a banner!!
Findlay Girls en mass (plus a stray blonde!)
Even time to do a quick hike to Passage Peak before leaving!


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