Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Inverloch - 38° 38' 02" S 145° 43' 43" E

How to keep a 3-y-o still for 20 minutes?
Turn her into a seashell-bedazzled mermaid!

We don't work, but we're usually busy.  We are just finishing a three-day stint as Adventure Mentors for our good friend's daughter, Nadia.  As Nadia's mum had some work to do in Inverloch (a 2+ hour drive from home), she invited us along to keep Nadia busy during working hours.  With a calm, sandy beach and a small village nearby, it wasn't all that difficult.

Dancing with the kangaroos

Geared up for a day on the beach
Charging over to say g'day to the wildlife

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  1. So sweet. It reminds me of the huge sandcastle we built Sam and Beth in Hawaii. They have so much fun.