America Bay – 33° 35’ 46” S 151° 15’ 09” E

Our last few days in Australia and we are back aboard Popeye, pottering around Pittwater and the beautiful waterways of the Ku-Ring Gai Chase National Park. It is wonderfully quiet and restful. We are able to pick up moorings so we do not even have that mild background anxiousness of being at anchor.

Popeye feels like home, almost as if we have never left … except Monkey has gone. Our bright, happy Monkey who shared those long, rough, night watches and all the highlights and lowlights of our journey from Bali and never once dropped his oar. He has been replaced by a work of calligraphy. Poor Monkey!

Monkey ... in happier times

It seems only fitting that we are aboard Popeye, pouring over cruising guides and charts, planning our next sailing adventure. We will be back to AUS in September to deliver her from Hamilton Island to Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Pittwater – a voyage of 800nm down the east coast.

In the meantime, we are heading back to Calgary, partying with the Broadview Road crowd, catching up with all our friends,  house hunting in Canmore, celebrating Diane’s 75th birthday in Parksville, skiing with the Caulfields and the Easts in Big White and the Pettigrews in Fernie, training for the Wasa Lake Triathlon in June and spending the Summer in Europe. And so our life rolls on!



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