Downtown Calgary - 51° 02' 38 N 114° 04' 16 W

Today I met a friend for lunch.  It has been several years since I have ventured downtown and gosh, Corporate Calgary still exists!  The Plus 15 was busy with harried business-people striding along staring at their mobiles, groups with matching security tags converging on a favourite lunch venue and daycare workers pushing their super-buggies with their half a dozen young charges.

Map of the Plus 15 - An indoor  pedestrian network "15 feet"
above the ground weaving around Calgary's downtown. 

The coffee shop at 715 5th Ave where I used to work was doing a roaring trade and the heavy wooden doors of The Petroleum Club constantly opened and closed to the parade of oilmen heading in for lunch.  The buskers on the 7th Ave bridge still strummed out their tunes wearing broad smiles.  The doors of the favourite shops I once frequented when I earned a salary - Browns Shoes, Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Brooks Brothers - beckoned brightly with pretty offerings.  Purdy's Chocolates remain very purple and the Devonian Gardens, a large indoor park complete with koi ponds, playgrounds and botanical gardens, was busy with the brown bag lunch crowd.

So life still goes on. The bustle of the corporate world continues without me and I don't miss it.

Not. One. Little. Bit!


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