Goats and Sheep - 51° 11' 50" N 115° 35' 17"

Living in the Rocky Mountains, we enjoy frequent wildlife sightings.  We like to be able to identify the critters we see.  Sometimes, this is easy...

A mountain goat:

A big-horned sheep:

 What are these? Could they be goats or perhaps sheep?  
They are not mountain goats or big-horned sheep. 
Or are they??

Fortunately for us, Parks Canada have made a great video to clear up any confusion!  Click here.  

So now when we see these critters we can sing out 'Look at those sheep!'

And a little tidbit!  Mountain goats are actually members of the antelope family.  Their scientific name Oreamnos americanus  means 'mountain lamb belonging to America'.


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