Canmore - 51°N 115°W

With so many plans cancelled due to COVID and summer coming to an end, we needed an adventure. So we decided to drive across Canada from Canmore to Gaspésie in Québec. Not quite all the way across, we know, but certainly a respectable portion.

We are taking the blue route - still a very long drive!

Our plan is to scurry across the Prairies and meet Sue and Rick at Sue’s family camp just north of Thunder Bay. After a visit, we plan to explore a couple of Provincial Parks along the shores of Lake Superior before meeting Adrienne and Ray at Adrienne’s cabin on Kawagama Lake. Following some R&R, we will continue east along the great St Lawrence Seaway exploring as we go until we run out of country at Gaspé Peninsula. The Maritimes are out-of-bounds due to COVID so Québec is our turnaround. Then it’s back to Kawagama Lake and onto Ray’s family camp in Atikokan (Ontario) followed by a trundle back across the Prairies.

We equipped our mighty Odyssey for the odyssey.  She now sports a sleeping platform with a cosy bed, bins and baskets of all the goods and utensils we could possibly need and a hatch tent to provide shelter from rain and bugs should the conditions not be perfect.

Sleeping platform built!  Now, for a mattress ...

The view from the pillow with the hatch closed

All packed neatly away

A quick test of our hatch tent

One of the best features of this outing is that there are very few time-dependant targets for us to work around.  If we happen upon some place that requires more exploration, we can linger.

Let's see what central and eastern Canada has in store for us!


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