Monday, May 22, 2023

Fauburg - 48° 27' 46" N 7° 28' 41" E

While in France, we get to help with the renovation of a 300+ year old house in a 1200+ year old village. Does that make it a ‘newer’ neighborhood?

We are so impressed by the work Florence is doing and her courage to take on this job.

This is Florence's new place in Obernai.  It was originally part of Fauburg.

Fauburg (light brown) was annexed by Obernai (dark brown)
somewhere between 741 and 1216 BCE

This is how it started out.  Pretty plain.

Open the walls and voila!  Beautiful beams!  Those are staying.

A big mess, but the results are going to be worth it.

The ceiling is coming down, too.  More timber beams!

A picture from the attic, looking down at the carnage.

One room mostly clean.

Sandblasting the timber beams.

New and old wall coverings, new and old timber beams

Framed walls to hold the insulation, new windows and electrical conduit.

Framing around the timber beams.

Starting to take shape!

Lunch at the hopefully-soon renovated farmhouse across the lane.

Looking from the family room into the living room, with
the future kitchen to the left.

Looking from the living room, kitchen on the right (behind the fireplace)
and family room on the left.

A makeshift kitchen is set up on the ground floor.

Shelves and coffee/tea station on the ground floor.

Progress has been made and Florence and the kids are able to live in it while the renovations take place.

It is really starting to look beautiful.

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