Hanging out on Emma - 48° 38' 56" N 02° 01' 22" W

We have the enormous privilege to be aboard Emma, moored on the seawall just outside La Grande' Port (the Great Gate) in Saint-Malo, Brittany. Not only are we able to explore this gorgeous city with its ramparts and beaches, but we are also able to poke around Emma and learn about the workings and workmanship of a Garcia.  A very big thanks to Rebecca and Mark!

The Good Ship Emma

Although Emma is a 52' and Chinook is a 45', the fundamental design philosophy is the same and there is plenty of overlap.  There are some lovely features that make living aboard a pleasure.  The soft-close drawers, dimmable lights with switches exactly where you want them and locker lids lined up perfectly with the cushions so when you lift the cushion, the locker opens - one cushion, one locker. Bliss!  Also, there is an incredible amount of storage. Granted, this is a far larger boat than ours but there are some very clever uses of space which Chinook will have also.

One of the cold storage areas, similar to what we will have on Chinook.

One side of the engine access.  So clean! So easy to get at everything!

We are starting to understand how the Boat Management System (electrical system) works.  It is not quite the scary black box it once was.  Despite it being a complex boat with many, many systems, there is a certain logic about them.  Being able to read the boat manuals, play with the B&G navigation system, use the shower and washing machine and the gas shut-off valve has made us much more comfortable. We also are getting to know the Garcia folk who will be assisting us with our boat.

This is ONE of the tech areas.  Designed by NASA, we think.
(or someone with OCD)

It is of great advantage to be able to have a look at the items supplied Garcia such as life jackets, spares and mooring lines. It helps us make decisions on what to have them supply and what to buy ourselves. We note that the Garcia pricing is very competitive, particularly when it comes to spares.  We absolutely love the Dyson vacuum that is an option, too!  We also have a much better feel for what we will need aboard.  

At this stage, we have not ordered the cockpit cushions, in part due to cost but mainly to do with storing the bloody things when they are not in use.  Now, after lounging in Emma's cockpit, we are reconsidering our discussion.  They are so comfortable and clip on so firmly, they are no hinderance while sailing.

Lovely cushions that stay put - even when bouncing around or heeled over

Hidey holes for the lines means a clean cockpit.  Nice!

More hidey holes for lines that are seldom used.  Hooray!

We are so excited about our boat.  The current delivery date is February 2024!


  1. Most of the shots of the ISS, make me think that your tech area was not in fact designed by NASA.


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