Gökova Gulf - 36° 58' 25" N 27° 35' 50"

The water is clear, blue and warm. And very salty so we float well. Gorgeous! The days run into each other - one beautiful cove to the next. Sleep, eat, swim, eat, swim, eat, sleep.... A world away from internet, cell phones and worries. Struggling to remember what day it is.

Other than a few days with afternoon squalls and thunderstorms, the weather has been gorgeous. One such squall did push our gület onto the rocks with a light tap before the stern line was cut (which caused a bit of excitement and an awfully big knife to appear) and we motored off. We moved location, to a more sheltered cove, and life aboard resumed its lazy rhythm.

We moored one evening in a marina called Karaca. We all caught a bus to Marmaris to access the internet and replenish our supply of sunscreen. We popped into a store to buy a new USB charger to replace ours that had failed. While in the little electronics shop, Sean helped a desperate lady fix her laptop so she could access her email. We now have an invitation to join her on her yacht on Sunday when we are back - with the promise of Turkish wine as a thank you. Yay Sean!!


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