Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Horsham - 36° 42' 38" S 142° 12' 24" E

A few observations about being home:

Not being required to give way to pedestrians - This results in me, as a driver, being particularly courteous and, as a pedestrian, at high risk of a good squishing.

Having switches on the power points (plug-ins) - Constantly thinking the toast is taking forever to cook and wondering what the hell is up with the hairdryer, again!

The horror of change - How could Nestle possibly think of discontinuing Violet Crumbles, Poly Waffles and Steam Rollers without consulting me??

The location of the cutting strip on the Glad Wrap - After tying Glad Wrap in knots and rendering at least half the roll useless in Canada, I find they dared move the cutter on the Aussie Glad Wrap. The outcry against this poorly engineered, physics defying location was so great, Glad returned the cutter to the sensible location along the bottom of the box. Hurray!

Four'N Twenty meat pies - As. Good. As. Ever. And still highly unlikely to contain any meat.

Swimming clockwise in the pool - Fortunately, we have been spoilt with our own lanes swimming after school drop off so have had some opportunity for practice before an imminent had-on collision. And we are loving our 14 day free trail of the Horsham Aquatic Centre.

Shoulder checking on our bikes - Yep, still feels more natural to shoulder check right than left.

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