Pulau Pankor - 04° 13' 02" N 100° 35' 16" E

Race 1 was a passage race from Port Klang to Pangkor. We were pleased to leave the rubbish infested Klang River and start racing. We had a great start but the dodgy steering played up and we lost steering just after the start in front of tanker.  Now well versed with the steering gear, it was promptly fixed and we were off again.  
In the dark, within a few nautical miles of the finish, the steering failed again.  We did manage to finish and motored to the anchorage in the rain.  

We awoke to a beautiful morning and found ourselves anchored in a stunning, blue, sparkling bay.  It was a slow morning after the late finish, swimming, having breakfast, swimming.  We then headed around to the other side of the island to the marina near our hotel.  Our girl is a little leggy, pulling up at 2.8m draft, so we were unable to enter the marina and anchored off the entrance. 
We checked into our hotel, showered and changed and all met again to catch the ferry back across  to the island and the resort that was hosting the RSRMIR party.

Pangkor Island - we'll be back!
Once off the ferry, we all jammed into a pink taxi minibus and, with a stop for beer, head across the island. The setting was gorgeous as we watched the sunset.  No prizes for us this time...

Sunset at Pangkor


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