Monday, November 30, 2015

Ko Rok - 06° 19' 26" N 99° 50' 59" E

A week of sailing takes its toll
After breakfast, some last minute provisioning and some work on the alternator to ensure charged batteries, we headed back to the RLYC, checked out of Malaysia and sailed north to Ko Rok. The return crew is Craig, Richard, Lisa, Bruce and ourselves. Beautiful sparkling weather called for the mandatory swim off the boat as soon as we cleared the harbour. We hoisted the heady in a light breeze and took turns in snoozing in the various shady patches on the deck.

fatigue ran rampant
Around 6pm, a storm descended. The wind increased to 20 knots, whipping the sparkling sea into white caps and the rain pelted down. We went to hourly watches to save us all getting wet and bounced through the twilight and early evening. The wind had picked up to a brisk 30 knots so we were relieved to pull into the shelter of Ko Rok, wet, tired and hungry around 10pm.  Five hours of the bow of the boat smacking down onto the water off three metre-high waves, randomly flinging salty spray at those in the cockpit had worn us out.

A scrounged meal of toast, 2-minute noodles and left over chicken washed down with beer was managed before we all collapsed into our berths and tried to sleep in muggy, hot tropical night air.

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