Bischoffsheim - 48° 29' 18" N 07° 29' 38" E

So we are back in Bischoffsheim in beautiful Alsace but not at 3 rue des Merles where we have spent some many wonderful times.  Florence and Christophe have decided to go their separate ways so we are at Florence's new pad at 2 Impasse du Castel!

And just to prove how homogenous our world has become that despite living in an ancient village in rural France, Florence still heads to IKEA for shelves, light fixtures and laundry hampers! IKEA is such an amazing business. The Strasbourg store was as busy as the one in SW Calgary on a Saturday afternoon with excited kids racing around, overtired toddlers screaming, young couples pondering kitchen fixtures and us hunting down the Billy bookcase! Stopping for coffee and cake at the cafe, we were very impressed to find wine available to have with our cake and IKEA has its own beer brand - cheaper than pop!

Our weekend, in and out of amazing food and wine, has included the assembly of all sorts of IKEA furnishings and decorations. Florence's flat is looking fantastic.

And now for the big challenge! I am making Pavlova for dinner tomorrow night in the Thermomix! Hilary and Meaghan, I hope you are right about how great these things are or the Pav will need to become Eton Scramble!!


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