Back on Broadview - 51° 03' 01" N 114° 05' 45" W

At 1618
Thanks to Suzanne and Hugh, we are having a wonderful time back on Broadview Road.  We are house-sitting, so we have a low-pressure "job" and a place to set down our backpacks.  Since the departure of Mum and Liz, the sun has come out and parking on the porch has become de rigueur.  And being Broadview Road, it does not take long for the neighbours to pop in - and stay!

Neighbours popping by to visit!
At 1623
Even back at 1621

Having some time back in Calgary without guests or firm plans means we can tackle some of those niggly little jobs that everyone has to do - like taxes!  Like moving tenants out and in.  Like going to the dentist, and optometrist, and doctor.  Like swapping the four different outfits we have been wearing for the past two months for a different four outfits from our packed boxes.  Like tidying up the 'blog, adding pictures, et cetera.

It feels good to catch up with friends and family.  We are finding things change when we are away for nine months.  We've driven to certain stores to get something specific only to find that the store is long gone from the location where it should be.  Bike paths have appeared in downtown Calgary.  Kids have moved away from home.  Friends are freshly engaged, or have left town, or both.  Politics seem to be getting weirder outside of Canada, but getting calmer in country.  The day-to-day churn of life is getting less important.


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