Grotto Canyon Trail - 51° 03' 42" N 115° 12' 34"

Uber-cute Ali and Megan

Feeling so virtuous that we have kept all four cats and the dog alive for nearly two weeks, we have taken on a couple more critters - these two uber-cute poppets! 

We are hopeful all seven will still be with us on Sunday when their mamas and papas return! 

We have had some grand adventures - playing by the river with Bear (the dog), cycling down for the best gelato in Calgary, exploring cool apps on the iPad and hiking Grotto Canyon.  The girls have been fabulous fun and wonderfully behaved.  Mum and Dad have been enjoying the luxury of The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel but working hard at a 5-day conference.  Glad we could help out!

Gelato for dessert!
Hanging out by the river with Bear (the dog)
Hiking Grotto Canyon
The canyon walls are smooth and tall.
We could reach from side-to-side: Almost!
Free climbing
Cool app on the iPad
Same cool app...


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