Lethbridge - 50° 55' 04" N 115° 08' 54" W

The Tour of Alberta is rolling through again and we are along for the ride. This is our third year helping out and we are back with much of the same crew as the previous tour. Fifty marshals are involved, minus a dear friend that left us last year.

Mainly south/central Alberta, the stages were:

Stage 1.  Street circuit in Lethbridge
Stage 2.  Kananaskis to Olds
Stage 3.  Rocky Mountain House to Drayton Valley
Stage 4.  Individual time trial in Edmonton
Stage 5.  Street circuit in Edmonton

Sean has driven the Team Five marshal van for two years running and loves it. There are times when he gets to whiz through the closed course at speeds a fifteen-passenger rental van really should not be driven at … with a police escort.

Super Driver of the Super Van

Van decorating has reached new heights

Traveling Marshal Team 5

Fortunately, not all these signs were needed!

Up close and personal...

Keep those elbows in!

"Look!  Police that aren't angry with me!"

Sean loves peeking into the mechanic's team trailers

Big sky views out on the course

Neutral support


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