Pulau Singa Kechil - 06° 03’ 29” N 99° 45’ 00” E

An exercise of self-sufficiency, saw us purchasing a set of clippers to reduce the level of scruffiness onboard.  My natural coiffeur talents need some work but by the time we arrive in Australia, hopefully Sean will no longer require the amounts of sunscreen nor the hat to be presentable in civilized company!

Not too bad from the front...


Langkawi has been fun.  The yacht club has made significant advances in its renovation with the hotel now open and restaurants and cafes galore.  Elizabeth, craving steak, was delighted by “Jake’s Bar and Grill”.  We could have been in Alberta chowing down surrounded by cowboy décor complete with the background country music.

We off-loaded non-essentials to lighten the boat for the race – including Rick and Sue! So we are four heading south to Penang.


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