Koh Phi Phi Don - 07° 43' 55" N 98° 46' 30" E

Our Passage - 27.7 nm
A day of fun and games!

First on the agenda, in the pouring rain, we dinghy-ed into the Phuket Yacht Control Centre to check out of Thailand ....  first time in sole control of Popeye.  The only glitch was the Harbour Master was caught in traffic but on her way so we had to do the process in the wrong order.  Stamp, stamp, stamp and all paperwork is in order!  South to Malaysia we go...

Our anchorage was the beautiful but crowded -Ko Phi Phi Don.  From a rather bouncy boat, we dinghy-ed ashore only to remember the lock for the dinghy and the spot light to find our way home.   Somehow, we managed to flood the outboard so hail a down a longboat taxi.  

Dinner, a wander through the markets and a bit of dodging the drunken British youth fresh off the booze cruise and we jump back onto our magic carpet for the trip home.

Scott enjoying the weather on the passage

From the restaurant

Dinner on the beach

Beautiful white sand beach with soaring limestone cliffs

Nice beach!

Post Passage beer

I am not enjoying this at all!!

Scott's monkey impression
Longtails 'suspended' in midair

Our taxi for the return to Popeye

Enjoying our 'magic carpet ride'


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