Krabi Boat Lagoon - 08° 00' 42" N 98° 57' 40" E

Full moon over Krabi Boat Lagoon

Krabi Boat Lagoon is taking on a Hotel California effect for us.  Despite checking out several times, we cannot seem to leave!

Putting up the cruising main

We arrived on the high tide on Tuesday 13th planning to offload racing gear and bring on all the cruising essentials such as BBQ and kayak.  Tides about right, just needing to fuel up, an inconsiderate charter motorboat (snowboarders of the sea!) sat on the fuel dock and declined to move despite many requests from ourselves and the marina management until the tides had turned and we could no longer leave.

Next day, we managed to get as far as Ko Phi Phi.  
Sailing to Ko Phi Phi

Beautiful sailing weather...

As we were anchoring, the anchor winch decided to give up the ghost.   Rather than anchor in the crowded bay at Ton Sai Bay, we slipped around the corner and anchored in the quiet off the Loh Moo Dee beach.  Next morning after having to reset the breaker five times bringing up the anchor, we hightailed it back to Krabi Boat Lagoon to have it repaired.

Sunset over KBL

To cut a long story short, we are heading out on today’s tide to Ao Po Grand Marina where we will have a brand, new anchor winch and 70m of lovely, shining chain installed.  

So for the last week, we have been suffering Garn’s cooking, lazing by the pool, having massages and drinking down our provisions.  

Life is filled with hardships.

Adrienne 'suffering' in the pool

Sean 'suffering' the cold, outdoor shower

Kate 'suffering' with a gin and tonic

Sunsets we had to 'suffer'

Adrienne and Ray 'suffering' with beer


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