Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kata Beach (Phuket) - 07° 49' 01" N 98° 18' 05" E

A post to display a few photos:

This is the last photo with Kate's 'Tour of Alberta' cap, just before it blew off into the Andaman Sea never to be seen again...
Enroute from Ao Chalong to Kata Beach

This is the perfect photo.  Full credit goes to Lynda for the ideal framing and capturing a moment so beautifully.
Girls on the rock and Popeye in the background

And this may be the last photo ever taken of Popeye anchored off Kata Beach as she heads to Australia in late February.
Early morning, Kata Beach

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  1. I have "sailing" hats that I used when sailing. These are all those hats you collect but wouldn't be caught dead in. Then when I reach the dock I switch them out for a "cool" hat. That way when I lose my hat I just don't care.