Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monkey Beach (Ko Phi Phi) - 07° 44' 44" N 98° 45' 48" E

The next leg of Plan J, having abandoned Plans A - I, was Monkey Beach on the stunning Ko Phi Phi Don.  Beautifully protected from the wind, we picked up the prime mooring ... bang in the middle of the bay.  The beach certainly lived up to its name with almost as many monkeys as tourists!  Fortunately, the tourists left by mid-afternoon, leaving just the crews of the half-dozen boats anchored alone with the monkeys.

Whoops, forgot to hit start on the route tracker!
We spent two fabulous days snorkeling, kayaking and watching the monkeys on the beach.  We took the dingy across Lohdalum Bay to the beach and explored the streets and shops of the island.  After flooding the outboard, Kate towed then Sean rowed through the rainstorm back to Popeye.  One of the beauties of being in the tropics is the water and the rain is always warm!

Monkey Beach lived up to its name!
Lynda negotiating a ride back to the boat
More monkeys
Duly noted...
Fun under the rain
Phew, all this fun can be exhausting...

The snorkeling was a blast.  Not much for coral but schools and schools of fish. The water was wonderfully clear and the fish very friendly, particularly the Sergeant Majors.  We do suspect that, despite being a marine park, the fish are often fed!

Keara doing a deep dive
Schools of fish abound (if you know where to look)
Sergeant Majors - common in these waters and very friendly
Keara and Sergeant Majors
Posing for the camera - love, love, love the Go-Pro!
Exploring the caves around the bay
So much fun!
And many an evening was spent playing strategy games (thanks Hilary!).  Elaina is the master of these games and managed to wallop the competition with a high degree of frequency.  I am glad we were not playing for lollies, her teeth would have rotted!

Elaina trouncing everyone yet again!

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