Tanjung Tutundiruru, Wetar - 07° 51’ 12” S 125° 49’ 31” E

What a magical anchorage! White sand beaches, palm trees and best of all, a ‘flat’ bay. The waters here are very deep. Up to several thousand metres deep. And often the anchorages rise very steeply so we drop the anchor in 20m and as Popeye swings, we see depths from 50m to 5m. It often feels like we are bivouacked, clinging to the edge of a cliff with our fingers crossed.

This wonderful anchorage rises sharply then the bay opens up and gently rises from 30m to the beach over several hundred metres. We dropped the anchor in 10m and, other than tide, we saw little deviation from this.

Onshore was a tiny village. Water buffalo and goats combed the beach and the sounds of children laughing floated across the water. The stars were brilliant with two solitary lights in the village (and our anchor light) being the only light pollution. And quiet.
No karaoke, no mosque, no fishing boats buzzing past ...

Despite the 25kn katabatic bullets coming over the hills, we slept extremely soundly.

Is it a boat?  Is it a channel marker?

No, it is a Fish Attracting Device.
Unlit and invisible at night.
That's why daysailing is recommended through Indonesia.


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