Montreal Airport - 45° 27' 33" N 73° 45' 19" W

La Bistrot avec WiFi.  :-)

Shortly after I have started my 54th year, another adventure begins.  First, nine days touring southern Ireland (via a layover in Montreal airport) by car.  Following that, over two months in the village of Obernai, which is located in the province of Alsace in France.  Kate and I will be using Obernai as a home base for trips to Bischoffsheim (to visit our friend, Florence and her family), to Norway (where Kate, her sisters and mum will be celebrating Nancy's 80th birthday), the northeastern French countryside and the paved slopes of the Vosges Mountains.

Our Irish odyssey will include exploring Dublin, visiting some of the sights and locations made famous in James Joyce's Ulysses; a drive to Oranmore in County Galway to track down birth and baptism records for my paternal grandmother; a meander along the western coast to see the sea; a trip to Cork to visit friends and see how the locals live.  There will be no Blarney Stone kissing, leprechauns or shamrocks involved in this expedition. I'm expecting to fall in love with the greenness of the place, even though it is likely to drizzle the whole time we are there.


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