La cour Fastinger - 48° 27' 44" N 07° 28' 58" E

My grandparents travelled extensively during my childhood. They were away for eight in thirteen years after my grandfather's retirement in the early 1970s. I do believe my love of travel stems from their postcards and letters from places as exotic as Lapland, Gibraltar and Banff. We received the most fabulous gifts on their return - the Swiss music boxes, the Spanish dancing dolls, the Limoges china plates, Wedgewood Blue boxes, the American dresses... I recall the awe with which each was received and how distant and exotic were the places from which they came.

Today, I saw the awe of the 10-y-o me in the face of my French god-daughter when I gave her the Swiss music box. Here I am in one of those places on the postcards, passing down a treasure and watching the absolute delight with which it was received. It was a very precious moment.

Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for all the magical presents you brought home from your travels to amaze my young mind but most particularly, thanks for the gift of wanderlust and the awe it continues to bring.

Ma filleule - belle Lou!


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