Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Running Norway - above 59° 54' 52" N east of 05° 19' 24" E

With Susan in training for a half marathon, running became part of our sightseeing plans! A fabulous way to see the cities of Oslo and Bergen in the quiet of the mornings before the hoards of tour buses arrived.  Running on our Hurtigruten stops helped burn off some of the food we were eating and allowed us greater range in the short time frames of the stops.  And, of course, running under the midnight sun (and the blood moon) at 12:30am in Trømso was very cool!

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Oslo - between 5-7km each morning exploring different parts of the city

Bergen - 5km most mornings with a hike up the hill one day

Ålesund - a speedy 5km along the river

Trondheim - 10km under picture perfect blue sky

Svolvær - 5km, or was that 3km?!

Kirkenes - 5km in the pouring rain.  Our only true rain day!

Trømso - 10km under the midnight sun and the blood moon (very cool!)

Brønnøysund - 5km with lots of groaning

Trondheim - 10km with aching legs

 Florø - short, gotta get off the boat and and burn off some of the food we've been eating!

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