Obernai Centre Ville - 48° 27' 41" N 07° 29' 11" E

We are having fun here in Obernai, doing just as we hoped - practicing French, riding our bikes, shopping, cooking, visiting friends here and having friends from afar come to visit us.

Wendy and Kate from the front door

view from the kitchen window, village square to the right

We have unpacked and set up the bikes - they are our only personal transportation (although Florence has offered her car anytime we want it).  After two weeks, the French vocabulary is coming quicker and more easily.  Lots of time spent with English-speaking friends means we are not practicing as much as we could be, but the shopkeepers and other locals we interact with are very good at NOT breaking into Anglais.

Sean, Nancy and Wendy with Kate's trusty steed at the ready

Nancy and Sean through the corn fields

through the French countryside, along the canals

We hosted a party for Florence's birthday this year.  In the past, we have helped put it on, but because we were staying with Florence we had nowhere to offer.  This year, we had our own place in Obernai, so we invited a few!

Lou, helper extraordinaire

sleeps four, but good for hosting a party for NINE!

Thibaud, Lou, Florence (birthday girl) and Kate

Having Nancy and Wendy visiting has meant that we get to show them around Obernai.  The village is over 800 years old with the oldest part existing as it did in the 1300's, with ramparts, cobblestone streets and half-timbered buildings.  Quite scenic, really.

cobblestone streets, old buildings

farm sheds in town, because they could back then

heavy wood gates lead to personal courtyards

a public well - sign of a wealthy town

lovely farmhouse built into the ramparts

even the shutter stops are quaint


narrow streets in some places

wildflower thief (wild flowerthief?) on her morning walk

There is so much history here and so much to explore, the two months we have are going to just fly along!


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