A Rough Plan for 2024 - 49° 38' 53" N 01° 37' 12" E


We have a lot of people asking:

Where will you go first? 
Where will you be in [insert month here]? 
Can I come to Bora Bora? 

So here is a very high-level, very preliminary plan for 2024. Please note this is subject to change due to weather, whim, Kate's visa (Sean has Irish- and thus EU citizenship), boat maintenance and any other multitude of reasons.  But here goes...

March 2024
Chinook is scheduled for delivery on 11 March 2024. We have a week of training and we plan to spend the remainder of the month based in Cherbourg, doing small sails around the area.  If we feel adventurous and have the weather window, this may include The Channel Islands.

April - June 2024
A circumnavigation of The UK and Ireland.  At this stage we are not even sure which direction it will be.  We want to spend a few months learning the systems and testing the boat while we are still relatively close to the factory.  It also gets Kate out of the Schengen Zone for visa purposes!

Mid-July 2024
Back to Cherbourg for the three month warranty check on the boat - just like you would with a new house or car. If all is well, we will spend about a week there.

Late July - Early October 2024
We plan to head north along the French, Belgium, Dutch and German coasts to the Kiel Canal in Germany.  Once through the canal, we will turn left and explore eastern Denmark and the Western Archipelago of Sweden. Yes, we will be mooring up against rocks! We have a wedding near Toulouse in mid-September so we will find a handy marina (perhaps in Norway) to leave the boat and fly down for that.  We will then zip the 350nm across the North Sea to Inverness where we will leave the boat while we fly back to Australia for Sam and Em's wedding. 

Late October - December 2024
We will transit the Caledonian Canal across Scotland (sailing Loch Ness, how cool!) then find a nice comfy marina/marinas for the winter months.  This may be Oban, Dublin, Cork, Plymouth... or a combination of any and all.  We need to be out of the Schengen as Kate will have run up her Schengen time.

...and 2025?

Wow - that's stretching things!  2025 will likely be summer in The Baltic Sea - Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Åland.  Then warmer climes will be calling so south and an Atlantic crossing to The Caribbean.

If you are planning a visit, let us know rough dates. We have a few visitors locked in already, particularly during the summer so let us know if you are planning to come. And as you know, we will give you a time or a place, but not both!!

Chinook will be within the boundries of this map during 2024


  1. What an awesome trip you have planned. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

    1. We'll be picking your brains on all the cool things you did!

  2. Hi Sean and Kate its the Harley`s we love your Rough plan for 2024 can`t wait to see you guys next Good luck for the splash date !!!


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