Falmouth - 50° 09' 12" N 05° 03' 46" W

We passed Pellew on the way to Falmouth - isn't she lovely under sail?

We arrived into Falmouth just before the clouds, then anchored off the busy commercial port.

We found Falmouth full of useful services and shops.  We broke a cupboard door mechanism and were able to find a kitchen cabinet installer who was willing to order a next-day-delivery part for us.  Hooray

As Falmouth is such a marvellously well-protected harbour, it developed into a bustling centre of commerce.  It also (in the 16th and 17th centuries) developed fortifications to protect the harbour from pirates and other baddies.  Roll forward into the present day and the fortifications and 300+ year old buildings and shops make great tourist attractions.

We walked and walked and finally reached Pendennis Castle.

Good ol' English Castle!

... with a cannon that kids could "fire", making a flash and a bang!

Walking back to the tourist district and the dinghy pier, we happened by a band unloading at The Cornish Bank (a pub and music venue).  When we asked what kind of music they were playing tonight (hoping for some Celtic folk), they replied, "We are a tribute band for a Canadian singer - Joni Mitchell."  Well, we had to go.

Very good musicians and very jazz-y.

We spent hours in the National Maritime Museum, which had an impressive number of boats on display in a very cool way - suspended from the ceiling by cables.  They had an exhibition on Pirates that entertained us for a half day.

Another Garcia, Impaler, arrived in the harbour on the last day we were there.  They invited us onboard for sundowners and did some drone piloting, capturing some dangerously unique footage of Chinook.

From here, we go as close as we can get to Lands End and then hop to the Scilly Islands.


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