Kinsale - 51° 42' 05"N 08° 31' 08"W

Kinsale - a pleasant spot to moor, but an even better spot to explore by foot.  The pictures tell the story of our visit.


Landed and at rest in the bend of the River Bandon.

Another nice walk, ruined.  James Fort.

The bridge across the River Bandon.  We walked 18 km today.

through many lovely footpaths, including along this dry stone wall 

... to another fort.  Time for lunch and a nap.

The road through Summercove and Scilly Walk

More footpaths ...

Pub stop!  In Ireland, the pub is more a social gathering, not a big drink-up.
With conversations going on all around us, it had a great vibe.

... and back through Kinsale High Street.

Back aboard Chinook, it's time for her first bottom scrub.
The water is 12c, in case you were wondering about the 2 mm wetsuit.

Top to bottom, we had time for boat jobs today.

Finished the evening aboard Pinstripe with Dave, Paul and Justin.  Nice to meet some
friendly locals.


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