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It has been a busy week.  We are now fully provisioned, fuelled and prepared for our attempt at the North West Passage.  The communities we are visiting along the way are small so we are set to be as self-reliant as possible.  We will top up with fuel at every opportunity and hope to buy some fresh food occasionally but we are prepared to make the transit with what we have aboard.

So, what does food for four people sailing through the Arctic look like and how did we figure it all out?

Cans are stored in a locker under the settee

If we are not in Dutch Harbour in the Aleutians by the end of September, we run a very real risk of being iced in. So we have provisioned for 100 days - just over three months.  Any longer and we will be on Plan B!  We are generally eating a vegetarian diet and will not be fishing along the way. So here is our list!

Rice, coconut milk and a few treats are under the settee

Snacks such as ramen noodles, dried fruit, nuts and soup mixes are in the sea berth

Fruit and veg are under the nav station and swinging in nets under 
the solar panels

The freezer is filled with butter, vegetables and tofu

Bins in the Tech Room contain additional snacks and the 27kg of 
Parmesan cheese that somehow was 'smuggled' aboard!

Timmies Hot Chocolate and maple syrup, standard issue....

...hope we have enough.  How much TP do we need for 100 days??

We have 950 litres of diesel in tanks and an additional 160 litres in jerry cans.
The fruit hangs in nets under the solar panels - our apple tree!


  1. Cool, I expected Barrels of Salted Meat, weavily flour and Rum! I'm curious as to what the menu looks like with this list of provisions.

  2. Rick wonders how the boat is still afloat!
    Sure hope you have enough coffee.

    1. That was from Sue and Rick… I’ll try to get my name on this….

    2. Sitting lower in the water - and it would never do to run out of coffee!

  3. Wow you guys, just wow! What an amazing trip you have planned. Am a little worried you ran out of map Kate, and might need to get the next one 🤣, but what’s an arctic adventure without a challenge. But seriously, totally in awe of your seafaring spirit. Can’t wait to follow you through the all those amazing passages and straits, so please keep the posts coming. Clare xx

  4. Hoping that is at least more than enough TP. The adventurer in me keeps thinking I should learn to use a squirt bidet and not have to carry TP on trips. I just haven’t got around to it yet. Make sure to keep it dry.


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