Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mt Assiniboine - 50° 54' 31" N 115° 37' 04" W

Helicopter.  This is certainly the way to get into the backcountry.  Despite delays due to roadworks on Highway 1 and our car overheating, we managed to get into Assiniboine, albeit on a later flight.

View across Lake Magog meadows towards Mt. Assiniboine
The scenery was amazing.  We flew up Bryants Creek, almost touching the treetops as we rounded Cone Mountain.  Wonderful views of Marvel Lake, we went around Mt Cautley and the red rooftops of Assiniboine Lodge and Naiset Huts came into view. What a glorious location!  Snuggled in the large valley, looking across Lake Magog to the lofty and majestic Mt Assiniboine that soars to 3,618m. The alpine meadows are ringed by peaks with the odd glacier cascading down.

We are staying in Aster Hut, a rustic hut sleeping eight in double bunkbeds.  There is no electricity, wifi or flush toilets.  The cookhouse is very well equipped, the joy of which is we need only carry in food and sleeping bags and by flying in 'heavy', we will hike out the 26km 'light'!

Aster Hut
Inside our cosy cabin
In the cookhouse, planning tomorrow's hike

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