Windy Peak - 50° 57' 46" N 115° 37' 02" W

Everything here elicits a Wow! There are no hikes that provide substandard views. Windy Peak is no exception. Stunning views.  The hike takes you through the Og Meadows, about 3km of trail framed by magnificent peaks. It runs across the lower slopes of Cave Mountain then switchbacks up Og Mountain to Windy Redge.  It certainly lived up to its name with a fierce wind blowing.  The ridge dropped off sharply but afforded stunning views across the Sundance Range and Banff national Park.  Yes, here we were on the brink of the Continental Divide.  Gord Pettigrew, here is a great one to ass to your list!

It was an out and back hike. Crossing the meadows is somewhat unfairly referred to as 'The Slog from Og' due to the long hike across.  With the peaks of Assiniboine, Magog and Strom, along with their associated glaciers, as a backdrop, who could call it a slog?

Along with the numerous ground squirrels and chipmunks, we also saw a long-tailed weasel and a ptarmigan.

hiking past the expensive huts

along Lake Magog
can you spot the weasel?


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