The Nub - 50° 55' 30" N 115° 41' 00" E

No guessing where we are going
We are enjoying the lovely weather here and the lack of tourists.  A good portion of the joy I get out of being here comes from the solitude.  Hiking all day and seeing four or five other groups helps to let my mind wander.  I am not concerned with how fast or slow anyone else is; I am not overhearing other conversations; I am not seeing discarded trash on the trail.  If we are taking turns at the front (as the trails are often single track), I can sometimes forget I am with anyone.  The scenery seems bigger and draws me in more. The quiet gets into me and I end up solving the world's problems in my head.  It's pretty awesome.

View from the Nublet
As we had fresh legs, we decided to hike up to The Nub, which is part of a series of high points called (in ascending order) the Niblet, the Nib, the Nublet and finally, the Nub.  We made it to the Nublet and the weather seemed to be turning.  The one day of forecast rain was coming from the west.  As we were above the treeline and the path to the Nub was a ridgewalk with a drop to the leeward side, we decided not to chance it.  Half an hour after we turned back to go to Elizabeth Lake, the clouds blew past and it turned into a gorgeous day.  Kate rounded a corner and frightened, and was frightened by, a hoary marmot.  It scampered over the rocks before either of us could bring a camera up to catch it, but it reminded us just how high up we were.

A rock made of ... rocks?
The geology is quite interesting - we both remarked on this huge boulder that was made of what looked like river-smoothed rocks.  There seemed to be rocks of all colours, composition, cleavability, weight ... it would keep a geology nerd fascinated for days on end.

Tramping around Elizabeth and Sunburst Lakes took up the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon.  I'm glad to have a whole week here, as there are many trails to explore.
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Sunburst Lake and the Nublet
Looking at Lake Magog and Mt. Assinaboine


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