Monday, December 7, 2015

Krabi Boat Lagoon - 08° 00' 37" N 98° 57' 41" E

Popeye raced The Kings Cup under charter by a boatload of Russians. With a few professionals onboard, she was put through her paces and the sail wardrobe suffered another casualty - the heavy spinnaker.  With a spare in the storage at Krabi, we volunteered to do the seven-hour return trip so Craig could continue his owner's obligations with Popeye.

This time, on land
We headed out through the craziness of peak hour traffic. Scooters piling out of side streets, cars passing on both left and right, across double lines, on blind corners.... Despite the chaos, we thought the drivers far more courteous than in the order of Canada and Australia. Oncoming car on your side of the road, threatening a head-on?  No problem.  Just slow down so he can get back onto his side of the road. No fists shaking, horns blaring in anger or obscene gestures.

Our route took us through the stunning Phang Nga province with its towering limestone monoliths soaring above palm and rubber plantations.

Entering the Krabi Boat Lagoon was like returning home. A long chat with Des (who did the overhaul on Popeye) about the alternator and steering trouble, Guan wanted to know how we enjoyed her food and Jim and Katie off 'Asylum' remembered us too! We organized to go aboard 'Roxy', the 48ft Hans Christian Craig thinks we should buy. Lovely boat with many of the attributes we are looking for, a good benchmark!

Another meal of Guan's fabulous cooking then we hit the road, music blaring, back to Kata to deliver the sail. A marvellous adventure...

We drove through amazing rock formations

Back home to Krabi Boat Lagoon

rubber trees!

Good luck with the signs!

Sourcing a new outboard for Craig's tender

much worse than hitting a gopher

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