Bruny Island - 43° 29' 21" S 146° 08' 39" E

Another ocean, another island. Despite having beautiful white, sandy beaches and crystal, blue seas, the water temperature is a little brisker at these latitudes!  We are staying at Richard's shack at Apollo Bay on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, a short ferry ride and a hop, skip and a jump to Hobart. We are enjoying a slow pace with breakfast on the veranda overlooking the water and feasting on Richard's fabulous meals cooked up in the pizza oven (when not a total fire ban!).

A spotted quoll
We arrived tired from our trip back from Thailand so spent a lovely first day lazing on the porch, overlooking the natural bush garden that runs down to the sea.  Critters abound.  We have spotted quolls gamely venturing onto the porch, only to scurry away when we move.  Bennetts wallabies lazily hop by and we have visits from the local echidna. 

Snake - we think a young tiger...
Yesterday, we hiked the 16.9km walk up and back the Labillardiere Peninsula on South Bruny.  Beautiful views and sightings of black cookatoos, wallabies and a couple of snakes. Today was the gourmet tour.  We indulged in several lunched, one at Bruny island Cheese Factory and a second at 'Get Shucked' the local oyster farm. We loaded up on cheeses and other local produce to to take back for Christmas.


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