Flinders - 38° 27' 04" S 144° 57' 27" E

Flinders - home for Christmas! Days filled with friends and family, cycling and lazing on beach after beach, the mandatory jumping off the pier, chicken parma at the pub, eating, visiting and a tad too much drinking.

Down at the Flinders Pier
Hot days means the beach. Which beach depends on the wind, tide and appetite to hike up the sand dunes. McCrae, Flinders Back Beach, Shoreham, Flinders Pier, Fingal...  and we are yet to scratch the surface.  We are noticing how conditioned we are to start a hike by going up, reaching the goal and having an easy skip back to the starting point.  It doesn't work that way when the goal (eg. a sandy beach) is at sea level.  We have to remember to save some energy for the slog out.

Un-squished roadside attraction
Early bike rides looping though Red Hill, Shoreham, Flinders or Arthur's Seat, Red Hill Flinders. Well maintained, undulating roads with mostly courteous road users.  We both truly appreciate the lack of sand/grit on the roads here.  Fitness is slowly, slowly coming back to our legs after months of sitting in the cockpits of various sailboats.  We have yet to do the big grind up the front of Arthur's Seat, but we will.  The gradual and gentle speed of travel means we are more likely to spot and appreciate roadside attractions ... like echidnas!

Kangaroos everywhere. The hot dry weather is drawing them to the grass along the road reserves. A particularly large old fella came a cropper (was fatally injured by car) just outside Dad's gate. We have watched  (and smelt) its decomposition through hot weather, insects and critters every time we pull out of the drive.  Sean has been amazed at just how little time a 90+ kg kangaroo takes to decompose, though.  Seven days after the end of its hopping days, there is very little left of the carcass besides bones, claws and a little bit of hide.

New Year's Eve was spent on the beach. First the Back Beach then the Pier. Half the town (cousins, old friends) was jumping off into the cool water. Great entertainment in watching a black jeep disappear beneath the waves up to his doors as he tried to tow out his boat! Beers on the beach then fish and chips. Fabulous end to 2015.

Fingal Beach - full of danger!
Much easier going down
Simon and Angus play catch in the gentle surf
Blue shirt memo received, read, executed
Kate looks out over Western Port
Angus in mid-air
Kate and Susan
One of our rides
A happy end to 2015


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